Foundation Builders

Thanks to the generous donors who have contributed a cumulative total of $10,000 and more since 2002. They represent the cornerstone of the COF.

Marnie and André Borer
Dr. Erin L. Boynton
Nancy and Mike Cloutier
Dr. Derek Cooke
David Dunsmore
Suzanne and Bill Dust
Mike Garbutt
Whitney Hammond
Dr. Richard M. Holtby
James L. Hall
Jean Wright Kilpatrick
Dr. Ross K. Leighton
Dr. Kevin G. Orrell
Elaine and Len Parry
Dr. Cecil H. Rorabeck
Dr. Franklin H. Sim
Ila May Stewart
Patrick M. Stroulger
Bernard Syron
Bruce Thomas
Douglas Thomson
William Vermeer
Dr. James P. Waddell
Dr. Veronica Wadey and Mr. Henry Chow
James Waters
Dr. C. Stewart and Mrs. Marilyn Wright
Dr. Paul H. Wright

The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation is grateful to all who contribute and we are pleased to recognize donor gifts publicly. We ask those who do not wish to have their names included on our donor recognition pages to contact us at The COF is committed to honouring donor wishes.