Research Legacy (CORL)

What legacy will you leave?

Reliable long term funding for orthopaedic research is a necessity for propelling the profession forward to best practices and continuous innovation. The Canadian Orthopaedic Research Legacy program enables orthopaedic surgeons to make designated donations to ensure continued Canadian research in orthopaedics.

Your annual donation will ensure that each patient you treat reaps the reward of new techniques and treatments made possible through research grants from the Canadian Orthopaedic Research Legacy program.

If every surgeon in Canada were to donate $300 per year, resources for research would reach $1 million in less than four years.

There’s no better time to leave your legacy.

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We’re proud of what the Canadian Orthopaedic Research Legacy Program accomplishes. Read about who is involved and what we do:

Information on our members

Articles about what we do

For more information on the endowment contact Donna Weiss, Operations Manager, 416-410-2341 ext. 224 or by email